" As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY lasts the test of time "Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.

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Our Customer Testimonials

"The Optimum 400 juicer is a fantastic way to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. It is really easy to use, easy to clean and best of all, it is quiet when juicing.It is the best piece of kitchen equipment you will ever have or need - it has become my best friend! I just LOVE doing different juices every day, and you can store them in the fridge overnight too! Great for busy people in the mornings when time is short. The Sales Team at Froothie are knowledgeable about their product, and are the most reliable and helpful bunch of people I have ever dealt with. They will answer your questions very quickly, and will supply you with lots of sites that are helpful in your learning of the Optimum 400. For me, it is the best Slow Juicer on the market, at a very sensible price."

-C. Hassel, Buckinghamshire

"We are extremely pleased with our 9400 blender and use it just about every day for making smoothies, icecreams, soups and much more. Our health has greatly improved and we have much more energy. I would strongly recommend the blender range as they are built for quality, power and I am sure this blender will last for many years to come. The Froothie website is easy to use and their customer service is fast and friendly."

-G. Chapman, Lincolnshire

"Just love my new 400 from you. Easier and less messy than my Samsung 6in1, tho produced good juice had it for 3 years. The 400 has larger containers and easier to pour and feeds most of the food through its self, so worth the second juicer for me,have recommended it to all Thank you"

-C and G Davies in Hampshire

Brekky in less than 20 secs! Jocelyn Oconer-Bartolome Facebook  
Image of Juice made with blender

-Jocelyn Oconer-Bartolome

Thank you so much for the amazing service so close to Christmas! The 'Christmas smoothie bar' for breaky was a huge success. The actual blender is incredible- fast, powerful and makes everything very smooth. We now have daily smoothies and the kids in particular love them. Thanks Again!! Sally Maguire Facebook  
Image of Christmas Spread

-Sally Maguire

Froothie, you guys are awesome. Working in retail, we rarely get compliments when we give exceptional customer service. But you guys are more than deserving. I placed my order for the Optimum 9400 on the 23rd. I was so excited to see a package arrive the very next day, Christmas Eve! Love my new blender, makes fantastic mango smoothies! Chantae Quinlan Facebook

-Chantae Quinlan

Thank you for the fast delivery! Ordered my 9400 yesterday, then juiced today! Just in time for the hot dry weather! Jocelyn Oconer-Bartolome Facebook  

Image of Smoothie
-Jocelyn Oconer-Bartolome

Well so far I am very impressed! Ordered Optimum 9200 Monday, tried to deliver Tuesday, but I was not home. Have picked it up from Post Office and tonight it goes for its first test run. Hurry up dinner time... Christine Sharkey Facebook

-Christine Sharkey

Amazed! Ordered a 9400 on Wednesday night, it arrived on Monday morning! Loving it Jeremy Miller Facebook

-Jeremy Miller

My beastie arrived today. Cold and wet here, decided to make corn soup. Thanks to the uploader on Froothie website. Em Bear Facebook
Image of Corn Soup made with Optimum Blender

-Em Bear

My first smoothie and how easy it was! 2 Frozen Bananas, 1 Orange Peeled, 1 Apple Sliced, 1 Kiwi Fruit, Half A Cup of Blueberries, 1 Small Kiwi Fruit, 2 Cups Of Spinach, Six Ice Cubes, One And Half Cups Of Water. Plenty for me, Mike, Sue and enough to take to work tomorrow for lunchtime. xxx Janice Bruce Facebook  
Image of Smoothie 

-Janice Bruce

I got my Optimum 9400 today! I made my first smoothie in it and it was delicious!!! AMAZING! Brittenee Sandiford Facebook

-Brittenee Sandiford

I have just received the Optimum 9400.. A-Maz-ing.. made the best smoothie ever.. carrot..strawberry..blueberry..orange.. kale..spinach..lsa..protein powder..spiralina..ice.. bung it all in.. and voila.. jumping out of my skin kinda fantastico.. so looking forward to trying out..everything.. thanks Froothie.. i will be spreading the word.. Heidi Preston Facebook

-Heidi Preston

Wow - made the most RAWmazing raspberry cheesecake tonight with my 9200. I used a recipe from The Rawtarian and it is truly delicious! So easy in my blender :-)  
Image of Raw Cheesecake


LOVE LOVE LOVE my optimum 9200!! This is Maxi, my 8 month old son, loving his morning green smoothie. He's had one daily for the last month. It's his daily vitamin supplement! Mimi Scully Facebook  Image of Baby Eating Smoothie

-Mimi Scully

I love my froothie.... I use it everyday, best investment in my kitchen for a long time!! Yvonne Hilsz Facebook

-Yvonne Hilsz

Just an update....my Optimum 9400 was delivered about a month ago and has been used just about every day. Mostly I make fruit/veg smoothies but looking forward to getting more adventurous. I was a little worried about the initial cash outlay but very glad I took the plunge. The power of this baby is amazing! Amanda Penfold Facebook

-Amanda Penfold

I lovvvvvvvve my Optimum 9400 :-) Kylie Tilbrook Facebook

-Kylie Tilbrook

Loving my froothie! Thanks guys :-) Lots of great videos to come. Watch here  Freelee O Frugivore Facebook

-Freelee O Frugivore

Hi Froothie team, just received my 9400 blender have used it already using a recipe from the book that came with the blender. An amazing blender thank you for your great service and product. Ian Howell. Ian Howell Facebook

-Ian Howell

The reason I decided on the Optimum 9400 (and subsequently decided to distribute it to you guys) is that after doing my research into price, quality, versatility, after sales service, warranties and guarantees, Optimum came out on top for me. Read the whole review at: Health Yeah

-Hannah Horton

"I wanted to find a blender that I could stock in my online store that matched the Vitamix with quality and a blender that families could actually afford. I also wanted to make sure that by putting my name behind something .. that these blenders would cut it especially knowing how we use them!" Read the whole review at: The Raw Food Mum

-Sarah Nolan

"I've tried now a number of these high-speed-blenders and have decided on the one I love, now recommend highly and also sell: The Optimum 9400. I've used a big commercial Blendtec and it didn't come anywhere near as smooth or blended as the Optimum 9400 (1/4 of the price!)." Read the whole review at: Kimmithgone NZ Hempseed Oil

-Kim Renshaw

I've tried various brands different prices, and the Optimum is by far the best of them all. Read the whole review at: Food For Thought (Health Coach)

-Samantha Baird

Let me start this review by saying the Optimum 9200 is the best blender I have ever owned… and I’ve been through a few of them. Read the whole review at: Om Nom Ally

-Alison Murray

I very rarely leave reviews. Froothie are going to be the exception because their customer service & the product of theirs I bought are outstanding. I bought an Optimum 9400. I have had it about 8 days. It so efficient & the motor so, so powerful it is amazing. There was a slight chip in the lip of the lid & Froothie replaced without hesitation. The actual blender really liquifies foods to the highest standard. It's so much more easy now for me to consume raw, fresh, unprocessed foods. I find it hard to constructively express what I think of this product.
I know my health both mental & physical can only improve because this product delivers exactly what it promises. My smoothies are smooth to the tenth degree. It is also very fast to process my foods. Unlike my other (expensive) blender the Optimum seems to circulate the processing food high up into the jug, so the contents mixes extremely thoroughly. With my old one chunks just sat at the bottom & would not mix unless I added water - which was often not what I wanted to do.
It makes almond butter & milk effortlessly. It's heart warming to see a company be so truly customer orientated & to experience the proficiency of this blender. Thank you Froothie. Elizabeth

-Elizabeth Illari (Darlington, WA)

I would recommend this blender to anyone, as you can make almost anything. Whether you want to increase your raw plant based foods, make your own sauces, create yummy desserts or even make some fruity cocktails then this machine is for you. Read the whole review at: Girl on Greens

-Mikayla Phiefer

I have to say for someone who is just entering the world of juicing and they were thinking of getting a juicer I think this is the perfect juicer! I have been using the Optimum 400 for nearly a month a now! I have put it through all the greens you can think off and the common veggies that we juice daily! Read the whole review at: Review on Optimum 400

-Sarah The Raw Food Mum

As a vegan I love simple and healthy smoothies with whole fruits, nuts, dates and greens. My previous blender could only make these ingredients into a rough-ie! The Optimum blends them perfectly in no time. Plus it looks great, its not noisy and its incredibly easy to clean. The Optimum rocks!

-Jacqui Edgecombe

Hi Roy and the team at Athena Solutions, I would like to say that I have received my Optimum and the help and support from your team has been really reassuring. The blender has truly performed well. It blends beautifully, makes great smoothies and even hot soup. I have had a Vita-mix from my daughter while deciding which blender to purchase and the Optimum has been just as good, doing all that the Vita-mix does, so I am very happy with the result and the price is much more attractive, with the same 7 year warranty. Thanks so much

-Rosetta and Danco Ilic

I would like to thank you firstly for your wonderful customer service. Right from the start you were most helpful with all information and advice I had asked for. Also I appreciate how easily contactable your company is.
Secondly I would like to say how happy I am with the Optimum. I was previously using a standard blender that was brand new out of the box and after one month of using it, it had blown up. I make quite a lot of smoothies and needed something more durable. After using the Optimum for the first time I was so happy with how quick and easy it was. The smoothie's come out so smooth and creamy and taste great. It saves me time and makes it more appealing to use on a regular basis. I can whip things up in no time at all and I find myself wanting to make more. I absolutely love it and have been bragging about it since I got it.
I'm drinking a smoothie as we speak that I whipped up this morning. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face this morning because I blended a whole bunch of stuff and it was so quick and easy which makes it so much more appealing as like everyone else, I'm so busy and time is so precious.
My friend was also interested in purchasing a new blender, after seeing my new Optimum, she purchased the same one the next day. Im sure anyone who purchases the Optimum will be extremely happy as I am.
Thank you again.

-Venesa Jovanova

Dear Froothie, Thank you for organising the prompt delivery of our new Optimum blenders. We were very impressed with your great customer service and would recommend Athena Solutions without hesitation. The communication from both you and Roy was outstanding, all our queries and questions were answered promptly and it was refreshing to deal with a company with such great customer service skills.

-Gary Griffith

Thank you for my blender I love it... was intending to purchase a vitamix but looking into your site I went with your blender and im very happy it does everything the vitamix would have ive made juices ,nut butters, smoothies its great we use it every day

-Amanda Ahern

I Love my Optimum!! I'd like to say a big thank you for the sale of such a great machine, I love my blender so much it's had me eating so much healthier.

-Laura Exarhos

Hi I just received blender, It felt very light in the box and I was worried that it must be small, when I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the base. Next I couldn't wait to try it out to see if it was any good, so I tried my favourite test banana milk shake, no fuss… broke up big pieces of banana with 200 ml of milk blended for 35 sec; well I am impressed, no sign at all of any residue, that's the best result I have ever had, and in only 35 seconds. Very impressed, can't wait to try cocktails this weekend.
Hi I just received blender, It felt very light in the box and I was worried that it must be small, when I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the base. Next I couldn't wait to try it out to see if it was any good, so I tried my favourite test banana milk shake, no fuss… broke up big pieces of banana with 200 ml of milk blended for 35 sec; well I am impressed, no sign at all of any residue, that's the best result I have ever had, and in only 35 seconds. Very impressed, can't wait to try cocktails this weekend.

-Anthony Butler

I am thrilled to let you know that the blender arrived today! It's absolutely fantastic! I really appreciate the excellent customer service I've received - I won't hesitate to recommend the Optimum or Froothie/Athena Solutions to everyone I know! Thanks very much for your help

-Rebecca and Philip Davis

Dear Roy
I received my blender (delivered at work) on Thursday. My whole office knew it was coming - I couldn't contain my excitement in the build-up. On my lunch break I ran off to the markets and grabs some vegetable and fruit ingredients to blend. The anticipation was high. I blended two juices to share with my colleagues; one an incredible Popeye drink of cucumber, green apple, ginger, mint, lime and spinach, the other papaya, mango, grapes and mint. Both were delicious and amazingly smooth in texture.
I couldn't wait to get it home and try blending with ice. Once home I did another vegetable juice, a fruit frappe and a Freddo Espresso. Now if you don't know what this is there's a picture below. Simply a shot or two of espresso, sugar or honey and ice blended smooth. Amazing! I'm chuffed with the Optimum and can't wait to try more recipes! So please send me the PDF as it's available.
I'm yet to try grounding our coffee beans or making almond paste but I will and report back on how it goes. The almond paste will be a special one if I nail it. It's inspired by Amalou - a spread made from Argan nuts in Morocco - the same nuts that are pressed for cosmetic Moroccan oil. It has nuts, cinnamon and I think tahini in it.
So thank you very much.

-Tina Loppacher

Yeah, so far it's great. I used it the very first day to make a composite nut butter of almonds, cashews and brazil nuts. And I did all that on the lowest speed. I liked the way the vortex actually moved the entire viscous mix up the sides and down the centre until it was all smooth. There are other makes that won't do that with viscous pastes as parts get stuck on the walls and corners.

-Andrew Healey

Hi Mario,
Yes all good. I am impressed with the blender .. it's more like what I wanted compare to the previous machine.. this one is very much like the vitamix.
nice to have some programs but good to be able to just turn it on and let it run for a long or short as I like. blending is very smooth.. thanks again for all your help

-Kurt Vogt

This blender is Fantastic. A friend of my wife's has the VITAMIX 5200, and she was very impressed with the quality and the price!

-Michael Connolly-Greig

Because my partner works away from home for longish periods and we are so happy with the Optimum we are buying another one so we both have one to use every day!

-Fiona Crowe

Hi Roy,
Just letting you know I LOVE the our blender. I couldn't believe how quick it was delivered! I basically make green smoothies for breakfast since being inspired by the literature that is around. I must say I am a complete convert! The smoothies are smooth and creamy and my breakfast takes less than 30 seconds to blend.
Yours in Froothie heaven

-Harlene Hercules

Morning Mirna,
I just made my first smoothie which had 300mls sugar free Cottees cordial, one scoop of Max's Super Shred Protein Powder and 2 handfuls of Homemade Fruit Salad......SERIOUSLY AMAZING PIECE OF MACHINERY!!!!! If I say so myself, one of the best smoothies I've had in my life!!!!
Well worth the wait!!!!!
This machine is for home use and now I'm giving some serious thought to buying one for work as I spend so many hours there!!!!
I would please like to tap into the discount voucher for next year!!! Thanks for offering that up, great Customer Service on your part!!!
All the best for your business next year!!!!
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

-Rob Jakovich

Used my blender this morning, just to let you know, best smoothie ever. Told everyone on FB to get one!!!

-Melissa Kelly

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