" As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY lasts the test of time "Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.

About Froothie

The New Optimum Blender Range - www.optimum-appliances.com

The new Optimum blenders, 100% Australian-owned, are a high quality range of appliances aimed at defining a very monopolised industry. The introduction of the first Optimum model has witnessed exponential success, gaining a great customer based consisting of well-known franchises as well as well-respected sponsors. The new Optimum 9900 model, designed over many years, is considered the industry’s most powerful blender, overpowering competition and gaining great praise during the trial period. Shipments of the Optimum 9900 have sold-out before the blender’s arrival to our warehouses, demonstrating the potential for such a high-quality appliance in the blender world.


The aim of Froothie Europe is to help cafés, juice bars and smoothie vans increase their smoothie sales as well as introduce new exciting and healthy products to their menus.

Our team's experience in setting up juice bars, including well-known franchises, has provided Froothie with invaluable experience to help business owners establish and grow their smoothie sales.

The success of Froothie since its launch has been tremendous with cafés who have never sold smoothies reaching exponential sales and juice bars more than doubling their sales in less than 5 months. This is achieved with Froothie's eye catching advertising material, deliciously healthy smoothies and the growing popularity of the Froothie brand name.

For more information, click here if you are a café or here if you are a juice bar.


The success of the recently introduced Optimum blender has led to a major shift by Froothie into the domestic health food industry, with plans to expand into European and Asian markets and compete against some of the world's biggest brands for blenders.

The current growth in healthy living has also led to Froothie's very own Online Health Store. The difficulty in finding quality raw organic foods as well as super-foods, and the inflated price of such products is the reason why Froothie has joined forces with a wide range of growers and suppliers to bring you the best raw, organic nutritious foods under one umbrella, and at the lowest prices, Your One-Stop-Shop for healthy eating!


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